Over Grown art project

Recently there was a call for submissions from The Woods {arts space} above The Junction Creative Studio here in Regina. The call was for POP / SURREAL pieces. I had this 3D project I was playing around with in Blender and thought I would submit it.


My initial attempts at rendering from Blender on my computer was estimated to take 20,000 hours to complete. I was initially going to go for an 18x24 frame shooting for about 600 dpi. It was going to take forever. I tweaked the project a little bit and got it down to about 8000h render time. I had to learn about cloud rendering options and I eventually went with Render Street. Using the cloud service it took about from about 7 minutes to 30. I’m really happy with the way it looks and was excited to learn about using the cloud, hair simulations in blender and making 3D for print.

I’ve recently started up a facebook page for my art if that’s something you would like to follow.

If you interested in ordering a print please contact me. You can also grab a copy over at Society6.

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